You have a sincere desire to be the best article-commodity

I see a big problem with many current CEOs. They are struggling with what I call ‘Nesting’. They simply get and work in a management position. He is satisfied with the so-called status quo. It agrees with the fact that they already have a certain position and a “solid life”. They are not ready to keep growing and often only “Progress”.

Never settle for the status quo, always try to continue. Improve your skills and technical knowledge in your field of work. Improve your managerial and business skills, and you always have a sincere desire to be better than you are at the moment. No need for exaggerated ambitions “To be better than the other.”

time for change

If you have the urge and are active enough “Work hard on yourself” And the “Work hard in the position you occupyYou are in a competition that the vast majority of people are not competing with. why? Specifically for the above reason for nesting. There are few individuals who can honestly continue to work. They do not decide which position they are in, but they want to search for limits. They are constantly improving and thus literally and literally outperform their competition in what is called “Re-learning”. Teach others. Compete with others in developing professional, administrative and commercial skills and you will find that no one is truly competing with you … You have a sincere desire to be better and not be satisfied with something …


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