What is the best way to answer this question during a job interview?

If you haven’t thought about your career direction, it’s a good idea to think about it before you go on a job interview. We guarantee that this will be one of the questions a potential new employer will ask! Or will he phrase it like, “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?” or “What are your goals for the future?”

What the interviewer really wants to know

The interviewers want to know if you plan to stay with the company for some time or if you are likely to leave at the earliest opportunity. Asking questions about the future during interviews is very common. This tactic will help the employer reveal if you have any long-term visions or plans. The reason may be, for example, that employee training is too expensive and only has a long-term effect. The interviewer wants to make sure that you intend to stay with the company for a while.

Therefore, here are 3 tips for answering questions related to career goals, thanks to which you will succeed in passing this exam:

Answer Form #1:

In the short term, I hope to work as a sales representative for a company like yours – with a mission based on excellent customer service and care. Working as a sales representative for a company that I believe in will prepare me to take on increased team leadership responsibilities in the future once I have the opportunity to land such a position in that company.

Why it works:

In his answer to the question, the applicant indicates the company he is applying for a job and tells him that he would like the company to hire him and he would like to stay there for some time.

Answer Form No. 2:

My current short-term goal is to develop and use my marketing and communication skills in a business like this. However, in the end, I want to develop into a position that will allow me to continue to use these skills while managing my entire marketing suite. I will prepare for this goal that I would like to prepare for by training and participating in conferences, such as those organized by your company regularly.

Why it works:

This answer works for two reasons. The applicant demonstrates, first, that his short-term goals can be achieved by working for the company he is interviewing, and second, he connects his long-term goal to an annual conference organized by the company, so that he has an overview of the company’s activities and you want to be a part of it.

Answer Form #3:

Although I have just completed certified training, my long-term goal is to take my nursing career to the highest level by continuing to expand my studies. My plan is to work full time in a long-term care environment or in a hospital for the next few years, which will provide me with the experience I will need to successfully complete my professional studies.

Why it works:

Since the applicant is clearly conducting an interview in a hospital or long-term care setting, they combine long-term goals with the same environment. In this way, he clearly indicates to the potential employer that he wants to work in the company for a long time and, moreover, to work on himself constantly.

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