What is the best way to answer this question during a job interview?

When you apply for a job, you will hear a lot of questions at the job interview, and some can be more complex than others. But one common thing that can surprise you is, for example, “What motivates you?” The interviewer asks you as he is looking for an answer if you will help him achieve his goals. Don’t close the door with your answer!

Other similar questions might include: “What do you enjoy most about your job? Or, “What are you interested in?” A new potential employer wants to know if you are motivated and motivated enough to work at their company that you can benefit from.

What is the best way to answer the question “What motivates you?” Here are three samples of advice from career advisors:

Answer Form #1:

For me, the results definitely perform. I like it when I have a specific goal to achieve and enough time to come up with a solid strategy to achieve it. At my last job, our annual goals were very aggressive, but I worked with my supervisor and the rest of the team to do everything we could to achieve them successfully. I’m so glad we finally made it! It was very exciting.

Why it works:

This answer is great because it focuses on successes and results. It is positive to point out your successes in previous years, but at the same time emphasize that you are not slowing down and want to continue to define your success curve.

Answer Form No. 2:

I’ve always been primarily driven by data. Give me a table and questions and I’ll be excited to see what leads to the numbers and set up their new bullish curve. For my current position, I am preparing a monthly analytical report on sales. The data from these reports helps you manage and determine how the company plans its next steps and set sales targets for the coming months. Being able to provide this basic information as a wheel to everyone is very motivating to me.

Why it works:

The candidate for the interview is motivated by the analysis of the data he has and the ability to provide support to the entire team and community. This shows the potential new employer that he is happy to become a member of the team and at the same time has the necessary knowledge to help him greatly.

Answer Form #3:

I was responsible for several projects, managing development teams and implementing repeatable processes in production. Teams achieved 100% timely delivery of software products. I was motivated by the challenge of completing projects in advance and managing a team that achieved these unique goals. A good team is the guarantee of success for me!

Why it works:

This answer shows the new potential employer that the applicant is driven by several factors – management, planning, and teamwork. In addition, he has the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, which can be a great sign for interlocutors.

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