What is the best way to answer this question during a job interview?

Usually when you are interviewing for a new job, the new potential employer wants to know something beyond what you already shared with them on your resume. This question may take a more common form, such as “Tell me about yourself.” Don’t disappoint him with your answer!

Here are three types of sample answers that will propel you into the “Most Popular Candidate of the Year” category:

Answer Form #1:

In my previous position as an office manager, I discovered that the company spends thousands of crowns annually on office supplies that no one uses. In my spare time, I therefore scrolled through previous orders and identified which products are used the most and which are less often. Then I negotiated a better deal with the seller, who covered the most used stock at a discount. Then I changed our ordering system to reduce the amount of waste. During the first quarter alone, this saved the company about 150,000 crowns.

Why it works:

Obviously, that success didn’t make it onto your resume, because there’s usually no place in it for that kind of success. On the other hand, it is a very impressive result. Who is a business owner who does not want to save on the running expenses of his company? It shows that you have a strong drive to become confident and, most importantly, a very valid reinforcement for his team.

Answer Form No. 2:

Honestly, I’m not just looking for another job. I like that I can work in a shelter where I will pursue my great passion which is taking care of the animals that need help the most. When I was young, my parents adopted two dogs and a cat from a shelter and they became part of our family. Additionally, I have a dog that was myself adopted from a shelter today and would like you to continue to have the opportunity to help out in this sector.

Why it works:

The answer shows your passion for this job. In addition, your answer clearly states that you are very interested in this particular job and would not accept any of it in another field.

Answer Form #3:

My resume shows that my sales team has exceeded their annual target by 15%. One of the keys to this success was my desire to organize more sales meetings and help close deals with major clients. It meant more extra time to keep up with all the administrative tasks, but it was definitely worth it.

Why it works:

This answer reveals your personal quality and work ethic that you have already indicated on your resume. At the same time, you clearly say that work is also fun for you and you want to beat yourself up.

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