Weekly article – commodity management sales team meetings

Weekly meetings are one of the The most effective and efficient tool, For how long, small steps, Increase the efficiency and productivity of their people’s work. Meetings should focus on presenting results, rewarding the little things with the best, and instilling company principles and philosophy, in short, on the positive. Things that your entire team must decide should not be addressed here. If the problematic matter concerns individuals only, then it must be solved individually. However, if it is the problem of the whole team, the manager should not be afraid of getting into a difficult confrontation in order to solve the problem. In general, however, really problematic and negative matters should not be addressed in a meeting.

In general, you need to protect your positive spirit of creativity and diligence. What will benefit from a stormy two-hour debate about one person’s problem or negative thing. Nothing like this has been solved before, on the other hand, two potential hours of honest work have been lost, the positive atmosphere has diminished, and a low resolution has yet to come to a good solution. Every boss should take care of this matter, the following is he discussing the meetings:


  1. New things in the company,
  2. Department results,
  3. Presentation of results by individual employees,
  4. Next week’s plan,
  5. High performance bonus,
  6. Inculcate the principles and philosophy of the company,
  7. Motivation until next week.

If someone breaks this schedule, alert them courteously. If that doesn’t work, interrupt the meeting severely and ask the person to be out of the room with you for a while, and tell him right away that the meeting won’t solve the problems associated with his personal work, which it is for him. Responsible, that the meeting does not consistently address negative matters. Proposals for this are not forthcoming, or a discussion between four eyes with the president. Ask if he understands. Then come back and continue meeting. If he doesn’t stop, send him home, saying it at 8 AM tomorrow. To submit a report to your office. All this in a friendly, gentle tone, but with a strong hand from the manager. A person who cannot control himself can never be a boss.


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