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The beginning of the year is the period in which various decisions are dropped. What business owners can take seriously could be working on themselves and providing a better example to their subordinates and better lead them.

“The most common reason for low scores is the manager himself. She cannot or cannot lead and develop her people effectively to achieve better results, greater independence, greater responsibility, and to make people more confident and have healthy self-confidence.”

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What should superiors be working on if they want to increase the loyalty and motivation of their subordinates?

Senior manager, senior managerI think we’re totally missing out on work these days Dusty foundations for good leadership. Go By their own example, to involve people In projects, challenges and difficult tasks, Give opinion and verify Progress and results – even partial – for individuals, Allocate time to people, communicate with them, and not be near the four walls Your office or your car. In short, communicate a lot with people, spend time with them, and pay attention to them. This is the only way to get to know your people, either you get to know them unintentionally, or, on the contrary, certain individuals will completely win over you and tend to leave alone. I think it’s important for employees to know and understand their boss well. They knew how to think, what, how, and why he wanted. It is important for people to recognize the authenticity of the president and to be influenced by the president with his personality, insight, vision and the results he achieves with them. Only in this way is a solid foundation of loyalty and motivation born. However, this process has many hooks – on the one hand it won’t speed it up (so it will take months to create good teams) and on the other hand it won’t “get drunk” with people. In other words, everything you mentioned places enormous demands on the president to be a really good leader and work on himself – to dedicate himself to his personal development.

Unsatisfactory work results are not always the fault of the employees themselves. What are the most common “external brakes” for corporate employee performance?

I have mentioned enough the problem of the president’s lack of capacity to lead his own people. The chapter itself is the previously mentioned strategic management of the company and process settings within the company. I must also not forget the fact that in many cases it is wrong to hire a person in a place where it is not a good fit for their organization and assumptions. I’d love to say that You can’t make a “carp spear.”. So, for example, if you have a person in a salesperson position who does not have talent in a business position, you will not be a good seller even if you were a better boss and a more experienced coach. Especially today, when there is a great need for “non” workers, because we also know from data available in the media that the Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in Western Europe. Companies often make unprecedented concessions by hiring someone they wouldn’t normally accept in life. Hence, this decision has consequences. No matter how hard you try, the results don’t come. I don’t think you can go head to head facing a wall. It is better to wait for someone with the talent and growth potential for the job than to resolve the situation by quickly hiring someone not suitable for the position.

How to separate the grain from the chaff – How to distinguish people who can only work better if conditions are created for it (or will work with them for a while to improve their approach) from those who simply won’t work better and anyone else working with them is a waste of time?

Personally, I have tried it If people pay, in another meaning. You are very consistent Soon it becomes clear who has what’s inside And how he seriously thinks about his “company” and the work he does. It is definitely necessary to give people opportunity and space, but also the desire for results and progress. If you, as president, are consistent and fair, you will quickly begin to show who is best for the company, who has the potential to grow and who should leave the company.

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