The success of a business depends to a large extent on the character

I was reading a very interesting idea that worked with me practically. “The sowing of thought, the harvesting of the result, the sowing, the habit of harvesting, the habit of sowing, the reaping of the character, the reaping of the character, the reaping of destiny.” I see fate as a result … it will be fulfilled for you. “

He who is only in the realms of thought is a dreamer. Whoever adds verbs to his thoughts is realistic with his feet on the ground. I realized this fact while I was solving this problem in one company:

Fate will affect youThe company organized an event for clients. Clients of one of the company’s dealers came in the dozens. Only one customer came from the other merchant of the company! I thought it was interesting. I began analyzing the situation and found the following … The first seller sent out invitations, then contacted customers where possible, and visited them in person. The result was abundant participation. The other merchant also sent invitations, but he no longer called them, did not visit … I asked the other merchant why he hadn’t called or visited customers the way the first merchant did. The answer shocked me a little, especially considering that the businessman said, “I will not force myself on these people, they have to know whether they want to come or not. I will not beg them. I sent them an invitation.” And it immediately occurred to me, among other things, that this is exactly the case with the rule of “planting an idea, reaping action … down to destiny and results”. If the other trader was thinking of clients this way, it stands to reason that required actions would not follow. He’s not used to being active towards clients, and his character distortion lies in the fact that he doesn’t actually perform his job with honor as a trader, he’s just a vegan excuse in a particular position. And what does this merchant not harvest alone and at the same time his company? Bad results. This is how it is. A correct and constructive way of thinking, as I emphasize again, is not the same as learning and the whole philosophy of “positive thinking”. It is truly a constructive and active way of thinking that leads to desired actions. Repetitive desirable actions reinforce a good habit, drive habit and shape personality. It leads to results, then to destiny. Take fate in your hands and start with a small, more active way of constructive thinking. Then go with the little, small, and easy actions – the rest will be history J


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