The Secret to Henry Ford’s Success Article Trader Training Commodity

Henry Ford said that if there is a secret to success, it is the ability to see everything from an individual’s point of view and point of view. Always be as sympathetic as possible. I recently installed a field training with a salesman. I noticed something in him that I often witnessed. How was she on vacation asked a customer? The lady started talking enthusiastically, but our salesperson was already very different in his thoughts somewhere … he was preparing in his head what he would say next when the lady agreed.


He was not interested in what the lady had to say. The question has been taken as a strategic tool to prepare a woman for better treatment. Today we’re seeing a lot that people just don’t care about each other – and they’re only interested in what they’re earning … but this isn’t a good practice, and it’s not effective at all. Truly empathetic listening and the effort to see everything from one’s point of view and from the other’s point of view brings the necessary insight, which will then help the person make the optimal decision – how to react, what to say, etc. . Let’s be sympathetic … we’ll be more efficient.


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