The most common reasons for workers’ loss of motivation Article-The Commodity Audit of Company Culture

Perhaps I will not surprise anyone by dividing these reasons into financial and non-financial.

Include finance in general, for example Dissatisfaction with the amount of wages. It may happen that someone is relatively satisfied with their salary. But then the company management takes another person, like a welder. Since he cannot find one in the labor market, he will offer the one who comes with wages 10 and 20% higher than the current welder. The current weld factor is logically frustrating. Although many are Company managers They think that employees don’t tell each other how much they are paid, in fact this is really not the case. It will cause a lot of harm.

When the boss speaks

Among the non-financial reasons for losing motivation, for example, are the well-known “I have a bull head”. In the long run, it is difficult to work enthusiastically with employees under the supervision of a manager who does not have sound judgment, does not make wise decisions and is incapable of leading by example in commitment to work and the holistic approach. There is also often a problem in general in corporate culture, which contributes to creating an atmosphere between people.


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