The most common obstacle preventing people from doing their jobs properly Article

Unsatisfactory work results are not always the fault of the employees themselves. Let’s talk about the most common “external brakes” for employee performance in companies.

I have mentioned this pretty much in a previous article. Unfortunately, the fish “stink from the head” is de facto The most common cause of low scores is the manager himself. They cannot or cannot effectively lead and develop their people to achieve better results, greater independence, greater responsibility, and to make people more confident and self-confident in a healthy way. The chapter itself is the previously mentioned strategic management of the company and process settings within the company. I must also not forget the fact that in many cases it is wrong to hire a person in a place where it is not a good fit for their organization and assumptions. I would say you are not going to make a “carp spear”. So, for example, if you had someone in a salesperson position who simply didn’t have the talent to be a good salesman, you wouldn’t change such a person, even if I were the best boss and coach I don’t know. What else – so there is often a hitch in the personnel area. Especially today, when there is a great need for “non” workers, because we also know from data available in the media that the Czech Republic has the lowest unemployment rate in Western Europe.

Brakes at work

Firms often then come up with unprecedented compromises, hiring someone they wouldn’t normally take in their lives. – This decision has consequences then. But as I said, it is still true that you do not turn the carp into a spear and do your best, the results are not coming. I don’t think you can go head to head facing a wall.

It is better to wait for someone with the talent and ability to grow for a particular job than to resolve the situation by quickly hiring someone not suitable for the position.


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