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Two words that recently started to appear in Czech business as well – Interim administration. In short: In times of crisis or during complex situations that you do not have sufficient experience or ability to deal with, you can hire an experienced specialist. He will strengthen the team and take the company through the necessary steps. Interim administration is applicable in every field.

The emergence of the concept of interim administration in Europe is generally associated with the 1970s. It began to be used in the Czech Republic mainly in the 21st century.

There are many classifications in this field, but the basic groups can be considered: Change, Project and Replacement Interim management.

Temporary management change

It is possible to make a material change in a relatively short time, such as selling a company, managing a restructuring, or taking over a company by a new owner.

Interim project management

Here the interim manager takes over the management of the main project, after completing the task he finishes his work in the company. It could be a project that requires special knowledge and experience that the company’s managers do not have.

Replacement of interim administration

As the word substitution suggests, it is a temporary replacement for some of the company’s key functions until another solution is found. Such a situation can occur, for example, in the event of death, a woman on maternity leave or a long-term sick worker can be temporarily replaced.

Interim individual administration

Depending on the company’s needs and the current situation, an individual temporary team is formed.

The short-term, external management of a company has many basic advantages. The interim manager is not influenced by the company atmosphere, he adheres to the company culture and his goal is to push the company forward. He has new ideas and new knowledge. It is assumed that the different ideological aspects of the interim crisis manager are understood.


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