Successful people are more likely to ask for advice than to give it an article

Time and time again, I find myself, especially with owners and managers of problem companies, in situations where people in these executive positions do not want to consult with their colleagues and co-workers about certain issues / problems at all. What a paradox given to these successful entrepreneurs and managers that one can clearly see that these people are On the contrary, he often consults his surroundings, co-workers, and experts apod.

smart manNone of us knows everything. Or something else. We all know many different details that others miss. Summarize it logically – Helpful advice. I don’t know everything, and during a quick counseling I can learn a lot of useful details that I could have overlooked and just by mentioning the other person can lead me to incorporate another piece of information / solution into my plan or event. You may never handle or “manage” anything 100%. But we must try to get close to the “hundred”. Without consulting other people, we get there at best 50-75% of the best information and solutions, That we are able to “sweat” out of ourselves. In the case of advice and ideas from other people, this percentage can increase dramatically – up to 90 percent or more. Only fools do not consult, especially since vanity and vanity prevent them from doing so. Smart people consult with others. “There is a victory in many advisors” is a very useful rule.


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