Stay with what you understand from this Strategic Business Management article

When people move from one place to another, they tend to change scope to find a new opportunity. I think it’s a mistake. I was also an investment banker for three food retailers in South Africa. Before moving to the United States, I met a successful businessman.

I asked him, “What do I do when I get to America?” His advice: “Stay with what you understand.”

Intrusive monitorAnd so it stayed with the food trade. If you are a plumber, try becoming a better plumber. If he’s a plumber, this is the best plumber. If you are studying for a doctor, try to be a better one. “Stick to” what you know verbatim. The grass always looks greener on the other side, but it isn’t. Build on your experience instead of jumping into other waters. It’s easier to do different, new, and exciting things – but it’s often wise to stay in the direction you’re going.
I put my franchise into this forum – I stayed at the Atlanta Bread Company and we were doing better and better. Look at me. I bought a company in 1995, when the company had two branches. He has nearly 200 today. Stay with what you understand.

Jerry Covaras
CEO of the Atlanta Bread Company


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