Shrink your ego Article Leadership Manager training

It is very common to allow ourselves to control our business decisions. Often times, after many years, we find that our hard work, intelligence, abilities and skills are what make our business flourish, but then one day you may wake up and find that you are survived primarily by the grace of God Almighty and then by the talented and employees involved.

You need to lower your ego. In other words, diet your selfish thoughts. Only with a humble look can you see the world as it really is. You can taste real success. Humility will guide you – you will be able to find the most enlightened and talented people you can find without feeling threatened. You will feel comfortable, although you will not be the most wonderful member of your management team. Start recruiting people who will complete you … follow the password: Show me a man smarter than me, and I’ll hire him …

Gerald de Edwards
President and CEO of Engineered Plastic Products, Inc.


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