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One of the old books says: A happy heart works well in appearance, but due to the pain of the heart, the soul is distorted. In other words: pPositive feelings and experiences have a strong effect, but negative influences weaken the elasticity of the body.

Types of emotions

Feelings can be divided into positive and negative. Everyone feels it. The main fact is that it is contagious and can affect others. If you get negative emotions, you transfer your behavior to and influence your work Company culture. If he’s a passive boss, that will have a very large impact on the entire company and, as a consequence, on customers. Negative thinking absorbs the energy needed for work.

They are perhaps the most common feelings in the workplace Anger. Hand in hand with anger reaction: a feeling failure. Some experts say it originates in people whose self-esteem is undermined by others. They are disproportionately reprimanded or mistreated. The result can be debilitating or even devastating. One medical study showed some time ago that people who think negatively of themselves tend to have a lack of confidence in themselves or in others. By doing this, they are unwittingly undermining close relationships and friendships.

Other unfavorable feelings, for example Judging others. Try not to assign bad motivations to your coworkers and instead think positively about them. If you have the ability to speak, then do so. You will create a good foundation for discovering the true state of affairs and motives of your colleague.

How to learn to think positively?

One way is to decide not to deal with negative thoughts. They are not mandated to believe in your mind and heart that you will not engage with them. So helping to control your thoughts is helping to control your emotions.

The second step to controlling emotions is to set realistic goals and allow for some restrictions. It is also important to avoid biased comparisons with others.

If a company wants to create a good image, it must try to evoke positive emotions.


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