Recipes for increasing employee loyalty and motivation

I think in today’s business world we lack a very dusty foundation for benevolence Leadership.

work as one teamThis means, first and foremost, leading by example, increasing the involvement of people in projects, challenges and difficult tasks and giving them feedback and monitoring the progress, results, and even partial of individuals. Give them time, communicate with them, and don’t get locked in between the four walls of your office or in your car – communicate a lot with people, spend time with them, simply pay attention to people, like a good father cares for his children. Only then will you get to know your people, either you get to know them unintentionally or, on the contrary, certain individuals will win you over to the point that they decide to leave on their own. I think it’s important for employees to get to know their boss well and understand their thinking, what, how and why he wants it. It is important for people to recognize the authenticity of their boss, and on the contrary, the manager influences them with his personality, insight, vision and the results he achieves with the people. Thus generates a strong foundation of loyalty and motivation. However, this process does have some hooks – on the one hand it won’t speed it up (it will take months to create good teams) and on the other hand it won’t be “drunk” by people. In other words, all of the above places tremendous demands on the president to be a really good leader and work on himself – to dedicate himself to his personal development.


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