Reading helps a successful company article-commodity collaborative plan

It is very interesting to watch successful entrepreneurs and managers. In the vast majority of cases of these people, I noticed it They read a lot. Let it be W. Buffett, B Gates, DQ, S-Jobs, T. Bata And more and more. In most cases, these people would read and study with passion, whether in their field or related technologies, and more.

Possibly the best way to express it is W. Buffett, whose quote on reading is noticed and remembered well, although years have passed since I heard it: “Read the biographies of the entrepreneurs, they are giants with shoulders on their shoulders.” Lots of people give me arguments like, “I’d like to read, but I don’t have time for that.” One can only agree that perhaps none of us have the time today.


Especially if you have the time – in this particular case to read – We will not. And so on I know waking up and reading early in the morning before work, Just like I did 12 years ago, when I was still full of energy and strength and didn’t have a family and responsibilities at home. It is different today. I feel more relaxed, but I seem to be returning to the magic of waking up in the morning, reading in peace and without disturbance for about an hour before embarking on a normal workday. If you want to move forward as a businessman, manager, trader, or any other profession, It is imperative to push the boundaries of your thinking, experience, and the context in which you see the world. There is no method more effective and faster than the daily reading method combined with practical everyday work. If you don’t have time like me or anyone else, solve it easy – do it. I need to think a little about how to reorganize the day, but I see once again in myself that I will always set aside or find time for what is important to me. The only problem is whether I really see priority in a particular activity. Is it a priority for you to enrich yourself with the experience of people who are more experienced than you or me? Then allocate time. If not, forget what you’ve read so far. J


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