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An objective fact is that there is a shortage of competencies and qualifications. Although the statistics show about 250,000 job seekers (note: this fact must be verified by the Labor Office or the Czech Statistical Office), the truth is that, for example, in one company where we placed an advertisement for the warehouse keeper, the CV is I did not reach the post, a month ago. There is a phenomenon that I talked about a year ago.

The Super Team

In an effort to get specific employees, companies have started overpaying job seekers.

Simply put, companies compete for more affordable people by offering them more money. The negative consequence of this phenomenon is the fact that even people without performance and qualifications will demand money that does not correspond to the value of the work performed. Personally, I think that going in this direction at work is not worth it. I have experience with people who have left one of our companies. Later on, they later said that they worked hard here and didn’t gain as much as they do today. They don’t have to work much again and earn a lot at once. The fact that such an illogical overpayment is not paying off and that it is a short-term victory is evident.

Work is about perseverance, not jogging.

It also has to do with the price-performance ratio. Some companies simply do not realize what, how much, and how to buy. It is like an auction. In principle only, one bidder is bidding on the other for the item that was sold at the auction. Experience shows that whoever walks the path of patience and perseverance will find competent and reasonable people for a reasonable wage. Hence the entire business makes sense. After all, labor costs are one of the largest percentage components in any company’s costs. The companies are primarily blamed for the fact that they do not operate strategically. They won’t be looking for workers month after month with the silly idea that if they start looking for someone today, I will simply find someone good at work in 30 days.

We’ve been looking at our companies for half a year, one year at a time.

It usually pays off when we wait for someone who suits us in terms of performance and a reasonable wage idea. Arguments like “There are a lot of demands now, we need more people” are personally meaningless. I don’t think it’s healthy to increase employee turnover at any cost. In one company, we reduced our sales volume by 50% last year, and with fewer people and work, we paradoxically increased our profitability in the same period by the equivalent of 50% by chance. The profit in absolute terms was not 20 million crowns, but only 18 million CZK a year. We’ve all underperformed. And we only did this work with people who understood our meaning. In my opinion, this is the path to a healthy job. I believe that each of our companies will grow with such speed and high that we will be able to find and engage quality people in teams. Experience of quality, character, and normal human communication. We do not need to be the greatest, to have the greatest worries and the most destructive souls.

It is enough for us to be more profitable and more efficient at work every year.

Ironically, some people have the highest turnover, often with poor profitability. Then the entrepreneurs work harder and earn less. Recently I spoke with a businessman who has about 15 employees and earns around 750 million CZK, its annual turnover with a profit of over 100 million CZK. I think this works well.

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