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GE Welch has personally selected 250 top managers. I have embraced this philosophy and the choice of people is one of two main priorities for me in managing and developing companies. Just for fun, the second is the company’s financial management. I always participate in choosing people for the company, which has around 40 employees, so much so that no one I personally meet and talk to comes first to us.

A select group of employeesI think many entrepreneurs and managers are starting to realize that dealing with people selection through recruitment agencies or the HR professionals in their companies is a dead end. And whoever understands this, begins to personally ask who is hiring him.

Because what kind of person you employ for a company, then you have such a company.

Ordinary people are not going to build you a great company. And what will mediocre people build? Only a large team of professional, distinguished, and humane employees will build you a great company, of good reputation, good reputation, with satisfied and returning customers. In our consulting firm (JIP pro firmy sro) we focus on corporate revitalization We have the complete order and structure of questionsThat are used in competitions. I don’t want to prioritize one question, because it’s the most comprehensive process. And it has an indispensable place called. “Half-day experience.” A job seeker comes to the workplace for about half a day and notices what he will do, in what environment and with whom. At the same time, there is a logical interaction, and mutual knowledge, which is a much more natural process than in an assessment center and is definitely more realistic than a half-hour interview within the framework of the selection procedure.

Needless to say, this has been verified with references to a particular person from their previous employers.

You won’t believe how much pertinent information you get and how many concerns or problems it often saves. It happened to us once that a person who had a very positive impact on us suddenly turns out to be a stealing person and has a lot of other problems after that phone call. We are very happy to avoid them. There are a lot of stories that I heard during referral calls to past employers, and of a nature that would greatly enjoy the reader if I put some of my “shoot story” on the air …

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