Our people are not afraid to openly express each other’s opinions Article-Commodity

Another advice on how to achieve the best possible results thanks to the general atmosphere in the company is as follows:

  • Try to create an atmosphere so that your people will not be afraid of each other The open expression of opinions Comparing these opinions is a constructive discussion of different points of view. These discussions take place at a level where the manager himself respects the basic rules of decent communication and fairness. We are all well aware that everyone can have a slightly different view of the world, and they usually see things from a different angle, under the weight of their own experience, “with their glasses”. This does not hurt, on the contrary, there are two people with the same views on everything, and one of them is “useless”. Just because opinions differ and people are able to communicate about that difference at a level usually means finding a better solution. Debates between people at the level, all of us are a true diplomat when we know the basic rules of communication.

do not worry

  • Everyone wants first place Understand the other Understanding his opinion, he literally stood in his place and saw the thing through his gaze. A different opinion does not mean anything but a different opinion, we still love the other, on the contrary, we very much appreciate the fact that he sees something different, because it can broaden my point of view, and it can expand my knowledge and understanding. We still have team spirit and respect each other – the result is mutual Solidarity Discover a very creative solution. A person cannot do much alone. All people together, organizers, with unified goals and objectives, can do more than once. 1 and 1 are for people who are close to each other, without understanding an approach to others. For people trying to understand the other, they really want to find a solution that benefits everyone, people who respect differences and cooperate are 1 and 1 not 2, but 11 – maybe 100 or 1000. Mutual creativity also brings about a difference of opinion, or specifically for Incredibly fold many times higher results.


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