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Tereza and Kristýna, although neither of them had the ambition to build their own agency, today considers the creation of the company one of their best decisions and a dream come true. The dream is that marketing can be done differently than usual. But let’s get along well.

Theresa Vier

The child with the soul business women

Since the age of eight, she clearly knew that she would become a businesswoman once she grew up. She rebuilt the nursery and turned it into an office and dreamed of how great the team would be. Until then, her determination, ambition and stubbornness were fully manifested, thanks to which she gradually achieved her goals and dreams.

“I’ve never been a kid who didn’t know where his steps should go.”

Teresa wouldn’t be if she didn’t have a clear direction immediately after finishing elementary school. Thus, her first steps were directed towards the Business Academy. After graduation, she joined VŠEM (University of Economics and Management). While studying, as a part-time worker, she tried the job of a receptionist, but also an assistant with a marketing involvement in one of the largest search agencies. After going through a number of places (both from the client side and from the agency side), fate showed her the way. She was accepted into one of the largest agencies specializing in social media marketing, where she met Christina.

“Apart from work, YouTube accompanied me and then Instagram or a blog. All of this became my passion and my determination to where I should direct my energy. It doesn’t matter if you are an influencer poster, YouTuber, blogger or instagrammer, what matters is how many people you can inspire and help. “

When your body tells you to stop

The last year at the agency has been difficult for Teresa. She would get up at five in the morning every day to study for state. She came home from work in the late evening (where, by the way, she was traditionally 110% working) and again sat down to study. And like this over and over again. No wonder her body did not last long.

The changing environment and a huge step into the unknown

In the summer of 2018, she decided to get back on her feet. As a freelance worker, she can choose the clients she wants to work with and organize her time according to herself.

“It was so cool and I found myself in it. It was probably something I’ve been really aiming for since I was a kid.”

At the same time, Krist scenena entered the scene. One coffee session, where they were able to discuss everything, including marketing. They have realized that they have the same view of things, and different from others. Thus, in March 2019, they officially founded the advertising agency We Are Signature and their dream came true.

Kristina Szkanderov

child about who It can be heard everywhere

Perhaps it would not be a coincidence that she was born only three days after Theresa, although she was at the other end of the Republic. From an early age, she wanted to be a speaker or a journalist. She kept talking and talking (by the way, she has remained to this day). I got to know about marketing already during student projects in high school in Orlova. After graduation, she continued her studies at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Mining. Become part of the university’s online magazine editors It is an indispensable part of the marketing department.

At the age of 24, on the verge of exhaustion

After receiving her Bachelor’s degree, she moved to Prague to work and started her career in the above mentioned agency specializing in Social Media Marketing. From a small position, she quickly developed into a team leader, responsible for the work of the entire team as part of communication on social networks. Among other things, she was responsible for customer service across the client portfolio and helped build an in-house customer care team for several companies.

“My specialty was customer care and crisis communication. I managed the largest crisis communication in banks in the Czech Republic in 2017.”

Like Tereza, Kristna also enjoyed working at the agency. However, she got so absorbed in her that her work-life balance completely disappeared from her life. Soon a number of health complications appeared, which they took as a clear impetus for change.

“I was on the verge of exhaustion. Which is definitely not an ideal situation at the age of 24. I knew that if I had to stay in marketing I would have to make a drastic change.”

At the end of 2017, she left the agency on a self-employment basis. As a freelancer, she has helped small brands, nonprofits, and startups find a way to incorporate social networking into their entire marketing mix. She hired strategies and content and helped build communities, leading lecture workshops (eg, PR Academy for Nonprofits, Chiquitas Social Media Courses, etc.) until the beginning of 2019, collaborating with other freelancers. The turning point came when he came up with the idea of ​​creating a company that connects freelancers.

The goal was and still is to do marketing differently

Christina and Teresa were well aware of the huge competition in the field of marketing agencies, yet they went for it. They had their own vision, completely different from others. Their goal was to do marketing differently!

“We are a team of freelancers who specialize in digital marketing. For the client, this means an individual approach, not only in the composition of the team, but also within the company, where each of our colleagues chooses whether the project / product / company has attracted him and whether he wants to participate in it. .”

Theresa Fisher

They have earned the trust of brands such as L’Oréal, Porto, TV Nova, etc…

What makes their agency unique? One person can cover everything from A to Z within one imaginary roof. Therefore, communication with browsers, graphic studios, social media managers, etc. is no longer necessary. Each area is handled by an experienced specialist, passionate about his field.

“I feel that Therese and I are a great complement and we can work together. We are equal partners in our business. Although we are a young company with a short history, we have been involved in marketing for many years. In a relatively short time, we have earned the trust of brands such as L’Oréal, Porto and Czechinvest, Feedo, TV Nova, and others”. Kristina Szkandrova

It doesn’t matter if you are a large company or a startup. Whether you are looking for a long-term or one-time collaboration. Whether your goal is to take a holistic approach to marketing or you are just interested in some parts of online marketing, our signature specialists will handle every challenge. They will help you set up a strategy, manage social networks, a PPC, a unified infographic, or train your team. You can start now and Here.

Although the past year has been unusual in almost all areas of business due to the Covid pandemic, they have expanded the company’s client portfolio with companies such as EUC or Canadian Medical Clinics.

Teresa and Christina must be proud of something. With each project, they have proven that the limits of marketing can be constantly exceeded. Professionalism, creativity, exclusivity and fun ensure the success of all campaigns entrusted to them.

“I am very proud that although this year has been very challenging and challenging, we have been able to expand our tightest 7-person team and grow 400% in sales compared to the previous year. In addition, we have expanded our client portfolio with companies such as EUC and Canadian Medical, Bionaut, and Swiss online store Spacesaver”. Theresa Fisher

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Text: Alina Yugova


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