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Already in their first year of universities focusing on management specialties, they learn that they are basic management activities Plan, organize, lead and control people. I remember a very detailed chart, which generally specified how much time a first manager should devote to each activity. The layout is approx. 25% working time, 50% organizing, 10% people leading and 15% controlling. Only after years of working life in business did I understand some basic things related to the above.

  1. First of all: Thanks to the exaggeration of different management styles and techniques, and I’m not afraid to even say philosophical speculation, many managers today are very confused as to what they should do and how they should do it as bosses. At the same time, the best, as always, is common sense and simplicity, which is based on the above – planning, organizing, choosing and leading people and controlling. These are the basic and agricultural activities that every president must undertake. Do you start out as presidents every year, every month, every week, every day with clear goals and priorities? From here everything starts Administration. Do you dedicate enough time to consistently organize and delegate? Do you dedicate your time to people, and finally, do you regularly check what you entered / mandated as president or what you said you would do on your own? Some things don’t need to be complicated and managing a company is, in essence, a very simple process.
  2. Second: Although the above description is very general, experience has shown me that most of the time it is correct, and that I, as a senior manager, have to deal with extreme delicacy.
    A / Planning that takes a lot of time,
    B / Organizing people, processes, projects, financial and other resources, and tasks … In my experience, organizing in a senior position often does not take much time, and it is often a one-time and one-time activity, but it is necessary for attention. Carried out regularly, on a weekly basis, on a monthly basis, maximum,
    C / Rigorous scrutiny, which places high demands on self-discipline, commitment to accountability to others, and the goals, objectives, promises and agreements that it made.
  3. Third, and in this I de facto strongly disagree with the above scheme – the choice and leadership of people Administration Little time is devoted. Various studies today show that successful companies and CEOs devote a tremendous amount of time to their selection, management, and communication with people in general. They are “here” for people. According to one study, it takes 70% of a manager’s time. At school they almost taught us. I spend 10-15% of my time driving people. My experience shows that as a boss, I should be available to individuals online if possible, and people should feel that they can turn to me at any time, although I, on the other hand, distinguish very sharply what they have to deal with and what I should do. It leads to more independence and more confidence to handle matters on their own.

Detailed management

Practically, I have met many bosses who still do not understand the purpose of having a senior position in the company. It is not said metaphorically that it is the “secret of the world”, to know everything in the spirit of “micromanagement”, to decide everything and to do what is possible for themselves. In my opinion, the opposite is true. Good trainerRunning business wisely will be in the ideal setting for a sound business It should be absolutely a “necessary component” in terms of a company’s operating performance. Call it Smart management. A good manager should save a lot of time through good planning and preventive organization so that he can have enough time to devote himself to selecting, managing and controlling people. He should have plenty of time to think about things from a distance.

At the same time, a good manager realizes that like everyone else he has many tasks and processes related to his position, but above all he has a clearly defined role, which is that of the boss. Just like at home, the father of a family has many responsibilities, and above all he has one major role, which is to be the father of his children. If you do not have time as a parent to be with your children and as a boss you do not have time for your members, then it is difficult for your children to think about you due to lack of time, because you are overwhelmed with many responsibilities. More than just a biological father and your company employees are more than formal and organizational in nature to his boss. And that’s way too little for all of us, I think. For my children to be a father and to be my manager for my children, it takes realization that in the deluge of tasks and responsibilities I have above all one crucial role, to be there for my neighbors, and my people, to give to them. The time, to communicate with them “in depth”, and the knowledge is to help them manage and develop their tasks and help them grow.


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