Maybe the “stupid word” will help us now …

No. I don’t mean the term “Coronavirus” everywhere. More than a month ago, before the full coronavirus outbreak began, I told one of my colleagues at our company that I found it really stupid to go on vacation to Italy. On the one hand, after we’ve all experienced literally and literally all of the culture shock in recent weeks, I’m also saying it’s unwise, if not stupid, to regret that companies have no chance to survive without the government’s help. The government is not an entrepreneur, but in principle it is a “gay politician”. And you can expect everything from the politician, not just that he will breathe for your work.

Yes, let’s call things the right names. Many companies do not have a chance to survive as they used to be today. A beautiful example is the unnamed restaurant, whose owner, instead of clinging to the current situation, tried several ways to make a living with words and letters, starting from baking bread (which did not work), passing through baking bread and cakes to a new one. , The three-course menu “Take away”, which has gained a whole new set of customers and turns at least negative cash flow into a “positive zero,” which nonetheless guarantees survival. Yet many other restaurant owners have been, figuratively speaking, labeled neutral or behind, waiting to see if and how the government will help.

Unfortunately, just as dinosaurs became extinct because they were not able to adapt, many companies today will not be able to survive, waiting for things to get back on track or for government help. By the way, they might never get these things back on track. Not only did the dinosaurs die out, but over time the world entered an industrial revolution and a technological revolution, and today it may be in another stage of development, which we can now professionally call the “Corona virus revolution.” In other words, the status quo that applies “before” will not apply “yet.” And only those who show a sufficient degree of resilience, adaptability and creativity (which is very ingrained in entrepreneurs) from this crisis, or if you want a revolution, will not only appear as survivors, but above all like those who transition qualitatively. gave.

And the “stupid word” that could help? It’s our old friend – the good and the silly – brainstorming. What turns out to be prowess at certain companies usually has nothing to do with chance. As in the case of the aforementioned restaurant, where ideas were exchanged intensely among the participating employees, so in other companies, where they looked at the newly created position directly and constructively, a strong new energy is created with one desire and goal – for survival. . Almost. 14 days ago I had an inspection day on one project with our client. The mood was bleak, the outlook bleak. Lack of materials, no production occupied, stagnant sales, poor liquidity. It almost took. 30 minutes, when I tried to explain, my strength was enough because this defeated mood would bring a lot of losses to all. Instead, she appealed to collect the last remnants of psychic powers, gather 5-10 people across the company, and create a regular weekly brainstorm about what to do and monetize at this time with available resources. Also, bosses have a specific meeting time in the diary, let them limit a time to 30 minutes. Weekly brainstorming. That same evening, I got an excited email from this company about what happened to them after the first session, even though they viewed it extremely skeptically from the start.

A constructive approach creates a positive outflow, which in turn directs the attention and energy of the person (s) for change. Creative ideas are still – today – the de facto essence of business success. Although it’s hard in many companies today … go off and talk your head, not only do you start pressing your head, but also the many other people in your company so forcefully and regularly that they will hurt you. And you will likely come up with many unconventional ideas that can be used to improve your company’s cash flow. However, it is important to start with this, and keep the rhythm of those brainstorming regular. And who knows, maybe after this crisis subsides, you will be much better than you were before it started.


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