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When something is “in,” it means that it is “flowing” and that in turn means a simple result for the company – they’ll likely be rolling out the money here. In the case of management consulting, the funds are not small.

So before deciding on any form of management consulting set out a few facts:

  1. AdministrationWhat do I want to achieve with management consulting?
  2. So what do I expect from the person providing management advice?
  3. What is the history (qualifications, experience, results of previous projects) of the person who will provide me with management advice?
  4. What are the results and assurance of these results that a particular consultant in management consulting can guarantee for me?

You should ask yourself at least these four questions before working with a consulting firm or consultant. As mentioned above, management consulting is simply “in” today; This fact attracts a lot of people (people) to the field. And just like anywhere else, you’ll find lots of good and bad people in this area – people who mean good and bad, good people (professionals) and those who aren’t worth much in terms of management consulting results.

If you are interested in my services, I will help you formulate an answer to the first two questions and provide specific facts, findings, evidence and guarantees in the answers to the other two questions. I have been working in the field of management consulting for nearly 10 years, the results of projects speak for themselves and I am constantly trying to increase my qualifications (at the moment, for example, also through professional management education – MBA, MBA).

Here on my blog you will find some tips that will help you better orient yourself in the tangle of managerial decisions – take it as management advice in “virtual form” …


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