Let’s not confuse the balanced view of adequate comfort with laziness article

From a biblical perspective, one should have a balanced view of the work and be encouraged to do so A reasonable time to rest, too. Likewise, it warns us of laziness, which, for example, is literally a disaster at work. Hard work and its results make a hardworking person feel satisfied, while a lazy person does not feel satisfied or self-sufficient.

The lazy man has a constant tendency to Satisfactory postponement of duties and tasks. He’s still only looking for excuses, which will be reflected in both private life and employment. Often such an individual allows others to do the work by himself. This is called the child over the performance of others and spoils the morale of all employees. Some even go so far as to mock industrious co-workers just to hide their laziness. It dampens team spirit and morale as well as other people’s performance and attitudes. This causes big problems for the company.

Frustrated 2681484 640Lazy people gradually lose their respect not only for others, but also for themselves. Most of them are well aware of the fact that laziness always leads to poverty and a corrupt life, not only in the provision of material needs, but also in personal relationships. But they don’t care or are too lazy to change the situation. Employees in any position work with this feature to complicate and impede any business activity and company development. It is too expensive for the company and is being considered for retention. But how do we recognize people who are intruding on the performance and efforts of others?

The best solution is Personnel audit. This is one of the most effective ways to get feedback about employees, which can be used in company development. An independent evaluation of the level of human resources in your company will open the door to comprehensive and very accurate information about your employees.


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