Laws of Life Article – Interim Director Jerry Gemilka,

He revealed the laws of life.
The law of life is honesty – and the word is binding.
The law of life is reliability – if you say a certain product will be ready on a Tuesday afternoon, it will be ready on a Tuesday afternoon.
The law of life is honesty.

The law of life is perseverance – in everything we do there are problems that need to be solved. Whoever gives up or turns to easier tasks will not succeed.
The law of life is enthusiasm – to be successful you must put all of your heart on the task.
The law of life is an activity – successful people have a lot of energy, they are not lazy, they do not spend much time in vain, they are constantly trying new things, experimenting, or looking for cheaper production methods or new ways to improve the quality of products.
The law of life is humility – one’s awareness of its imperfection – a successful person learns from everyone thanks to a humble attitude in life, benefits from each person’s knowledge and accepts with gratitude …
The law of life is to bring joy to others – we cannot please everyone, but you will be more efficient and successful if you at least try. Make colleagues, clients, and clients happy. This idea has an important and positive effect on the world of commerce.
The law of life is generosity – successful people give and give more and more, and their generosity is completely back to them. Watch the high-ranking traders – they are the ones who give more than what is expected of them. In return, they get rewards, and they attract customers …
The law of life is learning from others – notice and learn from each person the things that lead to success and happiness and that do not. Find out what to follow and what to avoid. Learn wisdom from many people.
The law of life is joy – a successful person radiates almost visual energy. Successful people are happy because they can serve.


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