“Initiation” and training of a new employee is an article – employee training commodity

In that sense, I’m talking about transferring the company’s DNA to a new employee. And it takes to print a company’s DNA as long as you have managed to select a new person by gender who has a philosophy very close to your company’s business philosophy in terms of thought and an active approach to life.

Train a new employeeHow long does it take to train a new employee?

For some, the learning process can take a year, for others as little as a week. My primary goal is for people to understand how to do business. To understand that they are not employees, but rather co-entrepreneurs, the company will not succeed without them. This is not about the entrepreneur feeding forty or a hundred people, but rather the fact that people have to shoulder the burden of responsibility for the viability of the company for themselves. It is not about learning the processes or the workflow. It is not about job training.

This is about the approach of thought.

If you don’t have to teach someone to take on and solve problems – and that’s what the whole business is all about – that person will be trained for the situation very quickly. Details emerge over time. If someone lacks such an approach, you will not learn it in a year. Instead of learning, I am talking about situations where we were unsuccessful in choosing the person. About the fact that we have to get the employee specified for our point of view, to get him for our opinion. If we succeed, then we win. If not, then over time this person leaves anyway alone. We just don’t sit down to do business. This is very important. We do not have to agree on how to solve specific problems, but we do have to agree on how to do business in general. This is the main thing. A year ago, we “fought” for this viewpoint working with a businesswoman in her 50s, but the results were not much. In the end, it fell apart and we brought her perspective of business closer to the way we envision it. Suddenly, as a result, he began to walk. Unfortunately, in the long run, it did not stand the pressure of the new vision to work in business and went to rest at a compatible company, where things are created as standard as they are in many other companies. You do your own thing, you don’t have to think about anything especially that the person still doesn’t want anything from you … Especially unpleasant things like constantly improving and overcoming yourself etc. In my opinion, it is not about business procedures, it is about Way of thinking and approaching things.

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