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Indeed Tomáš Baťa Split people To those who They want to work And for those who They don’t want to workNo matter how hard you try to motivate and inspire them. One accountant from our client company says he divides people into Able, helpless, omnipotent. When we combine them, we get combinations that are very diverse and in some cases weird.

Can you imagine working with someone who does not want to work and is unable to work? Is he running late, leaving early, and not doing much in between? Or with someone who wants to work but is omnipotent? Does he throw obstacles under your feet, do you intend to conspire? The mathematics of any company’s success is relentless in this regard. If it’s worth something in the company, most people, and by that I mean 80-90% good, should be in Category # 1, that is. “They want to work” and they are “able.”

The second group, albeit a very small group of workers, may consist of people of class 2, that is. They “want to work” and “are helpless”. There is hope that through progressive training, education, polishing, and practice, as well as the general influence of the corporate culture in the company, this person can sooner or later become a competent and professional employee. Impotence is not a diagnosis, it is a present condition in which something can always be done. But there has to be will (the employee must want it) and good leadership (senior or general management of the company) for the growth process to begin. Well that’s it. All the other four classes of groups, from “do not want to work” but “capable” (the so-called star ethics) to “do not want to work” and “omnipotent” (the famous – the worst is a collision with Taurus) are not suitable followers because they were Your colleagues, subordinates, or superiors.

I think if you are in a leadership position and your subordinate falls into a category other than # 1 and # 2, then you know what to do. If you know it, and you don’t, or if you make concessions, you give the person a chance over and over again, you are just setting the work and the problems. And I think even though I don’t know you personally, you’ve definitely had enough. It’s up to you. The situation becomes more complex when people from other categories than first or second rank are your colleagues or even your superiors. Having an incompetent colleague who does not want this or a capable boss is always a very difficult situation. Either way, please always remember one of them. This person should not influence your work style. Focus on being overwhelmed by frustration and frustration. Always working full time and wanting to upgrade. this is not fair? Could. But you have nothing else left. why? Because

If you “switch off” and drive half the fuel, you start to spill, etc., then that means you are starting a descending process of degrading your capabilities and motivation, which will ultimately have a negative impact on you and your life. Not for the life of a colleague or a boss.

Sooner or later, the ground will fall behind your coworker or boss. He or you will leave. But what remains are your work habits, your “ways”, your ability to focus on work, and your commitment. If you develop negative habits once at work, even out of frustration, it will be very difficult to correct you in a positive direction over time. It takes strength and persistence to maintain a constructive approach in difficult situations (often in daily conflict) with an incompetent colleague or an overpowering boss. Please take it as a training for your abilities and strengths. By the way, strong personalities are just born. In battles. Of course, everything has its limits. You can always leave. But then you get used to running away from the fighting. Thus you avoid the possibility of becoming stronger as a character. I learned not to run away from fighting. It was very difficult for me to talk about it at times. But over time, I’ve found it precisely the most difficult moments available to me for the challenges and future projects I’m solving today.

Parasites in the company

Some may not like it, however God mills grind. Sometimes it takes too slowly and takes time. But the final victory is all sweeter and more satisfying. Wait and work, that’s the base. Don’t go in the way of the plot. Don’t mask yourself when you don’t see a solution right away. Remember the butterfly egg. The butterfly is born through a gradual process of larvae and pupae in adults. However, if you finally cut the cocoon, the butterfly will fall from it, and since it does not have reinforced wings, it will die. Due to the fact that the butterfly in the cocoon extends its strength with its wings to tear the cocoon, it can fully live and fly in the next stage of life. Practice tough times working in contact with “people who don’t want” or “can.” Don’t be eaten by parasites at work around you. perseverance. It strengthens your “wings” so that you can continue to fly in life.

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