How do you use Facebook to find your dream job

If you thought that social networks like Facebook are just too much fun for posting pictures of your vacation or family, you are wrong! Social media is a powerful tool for networking and job hunting. Think of it this way: How many times have you seen a friend writing on Facebook looking for a job? How many groups have you seen regarding your industry? Like the dining room in your office, Facebook is a meeting place where people talk not only about children, pets, and the news, but also about work.

Try these simple strategies and find your dream job:

Join groups related to your profession or interests

Use the search function on Facebook to find interesting groups of people who speak the language of your field. For example, if you are a businesswoman, try using “marketing” as a keyword. Once you have entered a keyword in the search box, click Show All Results and select the Groups tab on the search results page. Some of them may be closed to the public, and you need administrator permission to enter them. You can easily ask for it.

Be active in groups

You don’t have to be the group admin – the person who verifies every post. But try to be an active member who comments, regrets, and adds your opinion or experience to the discussion. You can also share different posts on your profile. If you have any unanswered questions in your field, feel free to ask group members for their feedback. Of course, you can also ask them for career advice. Their generosity cannot but pleasantly surprise you.

Leave inactive or useful groups

You will not see the quality or number of posts before joining closed groups. However, feel free to leave any Facebook group you join which is not helpful. If you don’t, Facebook may use up all your valuable time that you might be actively looking for a new job.

Find new contacts

Most of your Facebook friends are probably people you know personally. However, don’t be afraid to expand your virtual friends with interesting people doing business or working in the same field. They are the people who send interesting content to the virtual world every day, which can be more than useful in your job search.

Make sure there is nothing inappropriate on your profile

The primary purpose of Facebook is to make friends with your family and friends. But once you start expanding your virtual friends with almost strangers, think about what they will see on your profile. Especially if you want to use it when looking for a new job. So, review your profile beforehand and delete any potentially inappropriate content, such as photos of you being drunk, in revealing clothes, angry, etc.

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