How do you improve the results of existing employees? | Article

There is currently a shortage of people in the labor market. Hence, personnel policy can no longer be approached in such a way that I can simply get rid of everyone who does not suit me and accept new powers instead. But how does it “work” to improve the performance of existing employees?

Recently, we ran into one customer with a turnover of roughly. Half a billion solved the problem of low performance for individual workers. The client wanted to set up an individualized employee development training program. Before we get down to business, I have spoken to the employer about the fact that one thing is a matter of developing and improving employee performance and the other is a whole. The strategic management of the company And the system related to the defined “rules” within the company. The owner of that company was convinced of a thorough analysis of his company and the results showed exactly what I expected. Experience, that is, a maximum of 15% of the weight of the causes of problems and low results lie in the “mistakes” of people and that 85% of the errors come from a poorly prepared system, that is, from the insufficiency of the strategic management of the company, it is simply valid. Personally in companies I recommend more and Giving priority to the business model, how the company is created in general, and what is its strategy “How to win the market”Only secondarily, I will deal with people’s performance. Because if you “shut down” the strategy and business of the model – if its size is smaller – it will have a multiplier effect in all aspects. If you develop a “small size” area with low results for individual employees, you only achieve partial results with great effort. In other words, the price-performance ratio is completely unbeatable.

I recommend working first on strategy and on the entire corporate build system. When done well, it automatically leads to better performance for existing employees, although they are not a priority source for these improvements. However, if you want a quick recipe, it is often very easy to pinpoint the exact results and tasks you need. They need to clearly know what is expected of them and then check their performance on a weekly (and more often) basis. Ask people to regularly account for their activities.


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