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If you want to move forward with a company, one of the greatest services you can offer is ego suppression. Your ego does not belong to work. why? Because the moment you start pushing it out, you will find it helpful to have people around you who are not very humanly suited to you. They are annoyed with their different opinions or unpleasant arguments. Ironically, it will help you look at things differently from yourself or many other people, who may not have the courage to say things completely and honestly.

Sympathy, kindnessBut if I succeed in building in the long run An atmosphere of openness and confrontation with opinionsThis will make your work unrealistic Dynamics and creativity. And that’s cool. Sometimes the newcomers just don’t believe with their own eyes how we argue with subordinates at the meeting and what they dare to do to me. I just don’t take it personally, although I won’t hide the fact that I still have to work on myself to “stop” some people in certain situations. I think it really takes a very mature and strong character who can withstand the opponent for a long time without retaliating in any way.

I always want the people I work with to tell me what they think – preferably at reasonable communication barriers of course – but I’m definitely interested in everyone’s perspective.

Then I would take it over and make a decision in my own discretion, but without those unpleasant encounters, I would have taken a number of wrong actions, which could have meant a lot of wasted money or time-consuming transitions.

I like simplicity and straightforwardness

If you think a little first and sharpen one person’s opinion in comparison to another, you can often find really good solutions. Recently, a senior manager in the company I manage bounced back to me, and although the way she told me her opinion was, in my opinion, on the edge, I was glad she came and publicly told me what I thought. While we were talking, I shook hands with her and said I was happy to have her on the team. She looked at me in disbelief and said she didn’t think much. I can imagine that I didn’t look cute when she criticized me, so she couldn’t believe the sincerity of my gesture when I shook hands at the end of a more intense discussion. I’ve only answered her so much that time itself will tell if I’m serious about what I’m saying and how serious I am. To this day, I have never told her what happened, I do not “ride” it in any way, nor do I take revenge or think of replacing it. I am glad she has a straight backbone, and her whole opinion and approach clearly shows me that she is a company.

What could I hope for better than for every employee of the company to have such a prominent interest in the work of the company as this young manager.

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