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I used to prefer young people clearly. I remembered myself how hard it was to penetrate when I was young. However, reality quickly led me to an awakening. In short, the vast majority of young people are still wanted. There are very few examples where someone joined an after-school company and stayed in it for ten years or more. I consider every departure of an employee from the company a heavy loss, and if I see a high risk of leaving soon, I prefer not to accept such a person.

So what kind of person would they choose for the team?

Young, inexperienced graduate

A model of an experienced senior leader, who has an approx. 2-3 young people under the age of 25 and two experienced in their forties and over in the team.

So actually such a combination. But I certainly did not accept young people as enthusiastically and calmly as before. Instead, there are more concerns.

If someone gets settled, has a family, or a mortgage, they try two or three jobs, like this person after all He knows more about life and also appreciates what we have to offer him. It is very important to us in business Very low stability and volatility. However, we do not succeed in continuously reducing volatility in every company in the same way. When you are not yet successful, you can see how the entire company is suffering in performance and results. This is why I am so afraid of employee turnover and leaving. I am completely conservative in this and as in other things, in this I am totally opposed to the flow of time. Today it comes to my mind that it is not uncommon to change jobs every two or three years. Personally, I don’t think it is good for business.

What about you – what is your experience? Write me in the comments!

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