Give People Loyalty and Trust Article Sales Team Management

Don’t ask people for loyalty and trust when you are not giving them loyalty and trust.

Andrea Carnegie, steel mogul and industrialist, millionaire at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, realized one great truth, and thanks to which, he evolved from an ordinary poor worker in a position in which he dominated the entire American industry. Sympathetic behavior is emphasized. He emphasized that he would reject everyone, whether the amount of his work is greater or the quality of the best, who will not work in a spirit of cooperation. Above all, Carnegie insisted People must be happy.

You should be the “rule of the game # 1” in approaching people in this spirit – treat everyone with kindness. Likewise, it must be commonplace in your business for people to treat each other with respect. Everyone should be nice to their gender, so why behave differently? You always have a choice of how to treat people. Unpleasant behavior towards others did not benefit anyone, believe me. Neither the originators nor the recipients.


Decent behavior and kindness starts with you – the way you treat the people you meet creates the atmosphere around you. For the power to win over others (by treating them with kindness and respect), the ability to inspire people around me, and the ability to appreciate and encourage people, bosses are willing to pay more than anything else. Only with appreciation and encouragement will you get the best out of people. Nothing else kills ambition of subordinates like criticism from superiors. Do not criticize anyone. Instead, try to encourage people to collaborate. At any cost, if possible, it is necessary to praise and not look for mistakes – this is one of the primary activities of bosses. And also for you, no matter what work you do. Over time, your attitude and approach to people will turn gold. Believe me. If you are satisfied with something, sincerely express your satisfaction, sincerely appreciate others and do not hold back with sincere and sincere praise.


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