Find what’s useful for people and do it article

When I started out as a young manager in my first management positions, I always wondered what my boss expected of me. Not only when I got started, but then my bosses are regularly bombarded with requests for feedback. At least once a month, I went to my manager and asked him what priorities he expected of me for the next month, and what he thinks I should change in behavior, at work, etc.

It wasn’t a manipulative style on my part, I just wanted to do my job well and in a way that made the company management satisfied. Thanks to this approach, I was able to see what’s on my boss’s mind. In return, he had support within me, It could be on inchTrust me and trust me. I recommend asking my manager regularly, “What can I do to improve my business?” “What do you expect me to do next month?” What should I change about? And the level of trust and communication will increase, it also means one thing for you – you will quickly learn, mature and gain valuable experience. You will become a main person. The main person’s secret to the company lies primarily in the fact that he does what is beneficial to the company and people …


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