Fatigue versus Burnout article Sales Team Management

Fatigue versus exhaustion. Those who work hard tend to feel tired at the end of the day. This is a natural factAnd we shouldn’t think of ourselves as robots that are capable of continuous operation. It will help normal and healthy fatigue if one learns to rest properly. All you have to do is lie down for 10 minutes and enjoy your body weight. Relax and relax.

On the one hand, when you feel overwhelmed, it is more than just fatigue, which you “wash off” with healthy comfort. When a person is exhausted, they feel empty and dissatisfied. He can not sleep, he is agitated, irritable, very sensitive and unable to concentrate … the longer I feel irritable, anxious, and unable to concentrate, Ask yourself: Do I respect my limits? Am I trying to meet all expectations? Do I want to prove that I have unlimited stamina? Am I afraid of the competition? Will it become worse than others? Am I trying to please others at all costs?


A person who tries hard or creates an outward impression more than his inner belief runs the risk of falling into a long-term “mental debt”, which ends in exhaustion. The way out of the state of exhaustion is passing Awareness of their core values (What is really important to me in life? What are my priorities?), Despite being able to adhere to these values ​​even in everyday little things, and ultimately also through a person’s ability to live and act on his best awareness and conscience. Do not compromise on your conscience.

So if you feel more tired, StopTake a pen and paper in your hand and make notes on the above questions. Then persevere at work as your conscience tells you.


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