Expect different results, but still do the same | Article Management

If something does not work, then you need to change it. Many traders go to meetings over and over again, have bad results again and again at the end of the month, and yet they do the same thing over and over again. They are like flies trying to get out of the room, but keep hitting the window glass until they die to death. Find ways to do your job differently to achieve it Better results.

Exam. Try new things. What should change? How else can you do what you are doing today? How can you change your sales presentation, and how can you change the course of a business meeting? How do you amend emails and phone calls? Every worker must be alone in his place of work ClimbsSuch a small “development department” that innovates, tests and constantly compares results, and does what works best. And if it doesn’t work, what else have you tried?

Do not give up. It wasn’t time to say, “I knew it was pointless.” Before the invention of the light bulb, Edison tried over 10,000 methods to create a solution to make the bulb glow.

History shows tens of thousands of people who Thanks to diligent research, they achieved what they wanted. As a developer of your business, find a way to achieve results.

Remember, the key to success is experience. Not a single attempt, but try a thousand times. An experience that has been “interrogated” a thousand times.


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