Employees are responsible for satisfying customers Article

Employees take full responsibility for customer satisfaction because, unlike managers, they meet with them daily. One thing is the quality of the products or services that your company offers. But it is absolutely necessary The level of your employees’ behavior towards customers.

a smile

This fact is indisputable. How do you feel when the seller is angry, aggressive, and despised? What is your procedure of this? However, I often encounter an interesting situation. Although most managers understand the above, they treat their employees in a completely unsatisfactory manner. Insults, aggression, and contempt. But how should employees behave toward customers when they receive a negative example “from above”? You cannot expect employees to be friendly to customers if you do not set an example in dealing with others. Employees are responsible for satisfying customers. As a manager, you are responsible for satisfying the employee (at least on a personal level) and for acting fairly.


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