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In recent years, I’ve come to believe that if there’s an effective way to motivate people, it’s really good leadership. This topic is still “internal,” everyone talks about Leadership, everyone is trained where he wants to be a really good leader.

LeaderBut how many of these people do we really meet? How many people would say, yes, I would like to work under the supervision of this person, I want to go to him, I trust him. You see, there is no talk of money anywhere. It relates to the man in the front. Sure, finance is always a topic to address, but today we already know for sure In the long run, financing is not the main motivating factorWhich stabilizes the quality team in the company.

You can’t raise someone’s salary indefinitely, and you can’t always overpay someone if they are offered an extra 5 or 10,000 elsewhere. It just doesn’t last indefinitely.

How do I see it?

You still can’t just keep money-conscious employees. Personally, I do not want to hire mercenaries in companies that only care about money. I am interested in people who are looking for meaning in their work. And you’ll be amazed at how many of them are. Obviously, these people also have their own financial ideas and demands. But I have noticed that everyone has a certain standard that they want to earn – someone smaller, someone bigger – and if you give them money, they won’t work more or longer just because they earn a little more. But He will work with you when he understands what he’s doing. He will know why he is doing this. When you tear him with your personality, when you stimulate him with your energy, vision, approach to work, and your attitudes. When you hold him in hard times and when you do not condemn him for mistakes he made in the heat of battle. So it is not concerned with any abnormal management techniques. But it comes down to who, as a person, are you as the manager you are. For a certain type of people, the most powerful motivating factor is how much they earn. But you can’t build your company’s stability on those, you won’t go far.

You’ll create a stable company with people who want more than just earning more and more.

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