Effective consulting article – commodity management sales force

The meeting should always take place at a regular time, in a regular place. This is a basic assumption. If the meeting is longer, it will always be a 10-minute break after 75 minutes.

Meeting track:

  1. IntroductionConsultation
  2. Each employee submits their weekly results to himself – each employee takes about 2-3 minutes (for example, the seller says their sales number and says what he did, what he failed at, and why)
  3. Each employee presents the plan / priorities for the next week – 2-3 minutes per employee
  4. The company’s management provides the company’s results for the last week (another period) (about 5-10 minutes) + evaluation …
  5. Operational issues to be discussed, and check implementation of tasks from the last meeting
  6. Suggestions for improvement
  7. Determine the tasks, who, who will be responsible, for how long (tasks are entered in the Excel table “Tasks from the meeting”)
  8. conclusion

Basic principles of meeting:

  • The meeting program has a clear structure – see points 1-8
  • Almost every member of the meeting has it together. 5 minutes to present results and plans
  • Operational issues relating to only two members of the meeting will not be addressed at the meeting
  • Participation is mandatory
  • Clarity, brevity and objectivity
  • If there is something that requires a broader discussion (brainstorming), we will arrange a one-on-one meeting (we cannot solve one thing in a 30-minute monthly meeting)
  • The assistant makes a “meeting minutes” for the meeting and writes down all the tasks from the meetings to the excel table – what, who, even what. We’d love to send you this table as a template – just write to it This e-mail address is protected from spammers and spam programs. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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