Determining fixed points for people Article Administration | How to increase sales

What are fixed points?
Define people the desired results (Product), not methods (activities to achieve something). This will determine what to do and for how long. Of course, with respect to laws, regulations, directives, and respect for moral values.

Further identification of people Guideline Determine the parameters (principles and techniques) that form the framework within which the results must be achieved. Then make it available to people Resources Human (collaborators), financial (budget), and technical resources (such as laptop and car) or organizational resources (organizational rules) available to achieve the desired results.
Finally, select liability – Define the criteria and deadline for the evaluation (in which the person evaluates himself in a certain period) and determines the results at the end – the specifications consequences The evaluation is positive (pay, bonuses, salary, benefits …) or negative (salary deduction, leaving our team, etc.)


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