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Czech According to the latest surveys At work they spend an average of 52 minutes. Many of us do not dwell on such information – it only confirms the self-deprecating opinion of the Czechs about the Czechs: EasyBut he tries as hard as he can Fix and do not bend at work. I don’t want to argue this box, but what I can say unequivocally is what is usually behind laziness at work: Inept management.

Honestly, I don’t understand the horror of less than an hour at work every day. Yes, browsing social networks and the internet during business hours is definitely not something to be proud of. At the same time, in many cases, he should not be ashamed. But assuming he just did his job.


You could argue that the person concerned should then request more assignments. But why would you punish someone for overtime and quick work? This will only make it happen the next time he will be more careful to mask the recession better. The impact of most sanctions and bans on social networks and websites is bypassed, and only serves to distort the work and atmosphere of the company.

Reports are written and above all you read!

The ideal solution is “extraordinary” daily or weekly reports. No work reports. Unfortunately, I know from experience that reporting is a necessary evil for many managers. They either do not report to their subordinates or enter them out of habit and in most cases if this is a fatal mistake, if you are penalizing an employee for not working during working hours when his work ends, you are only masking your inability and your inability to put the person in a suitable position and motivate him properly. . The volume of tasks and the inability to complete the examination and appraisal tasks, even if only through verbal feedback.

After all, even for a number of positions, even 100% employee use is not possible. Not only from the point of view of the necessary respect for the mental and physical health of the individual, but also from the fluidity of the workflow. A symbolic example is belt production – if one person runs faster than others, the production will be overwhelmed and break down. In this sense, the “tactfulness” and “tabla” of the well-known managerial “bottleneck theory” work wonderfully.

With a management position comes authority and responsibility

I often come across the fact that corporate management wants to convert people into robots, because they get the impression that this is the path to results and success. However, for management, the results themselves should always be conclusive. Determining what needs to be done and when to do it is a sovereign task and above all it is the responsibility of management. But in the end, the top manager manages the company through numbers, results and an assessment of what has been accomplished.

There are, of course, extreme cases, like an unnamed company warehouse guy who spent most of his work day watching movies for hours. However, his boss’s fault can be clearly seen here. It can’t be an excuse that he doesn’t know what someone’s day is about. Perhaps this is a management mistake that is greater than the fact that it has lasted for so long.

The company “smells” of the head

So I have a small recommendation for managers: enter tasks, prepare work procedures, then carefully check reports and results. You can then close your eyes with a calm heart on the subordinate’s open Facebook page. After all, most of them, for example, don’t cope with every extra minute, half hour, or hour.

In my opinion, it is therefore not necessary to block some sites in various ways and to severely punish any deviation from the scope of work. Personally, I wonder if a person achieved his / her well and at the right time. The one exception may be large, well-managed companies that lack a personal approach.

Perhaps a little symbolic … if the 52 minutes mentioned in the day were given by the heads of small and medium-sized enterprises to manage quality, that is to delegate and oversee, feedback and modification of the system (processes), learning and refinement of their employees, the right choice of “the right people”, the right motivation So, in the end, employees will not only have the time, etc., but also have no idea of ​​following up on working hours in the range of less than an hour a day.


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