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Being in intense contact with people means being in the center of things. Daily direct contact (i.e. a telephone or direct conversation) with key people is my duty (whether it be from my family relatives, co-workers, subordinates or clients). I should maintain contact with others in my professional or private life as much as possible – the more the better. I will respond to every email from a staff member, even if it takes several days. I spend time with my wife to talk to her about the day it was. I’ll call my client to personally wish him a birthday …

The phone and the womanBut how do we deal with it?
I comply Pareto rule 80%: 20%. 80% of your energy I dedicate time 20% of key people In my work or my private life. In my work I focus on the people who represent the authorities and the key people in the organization. I spare no praise, thanks, appreciation, respect, admiration, relevance and encouragement. My feelings before, you must always be “alive”, you must energize others. The same principle applies to private life. Remember one very important tip:

“How healthy and willing you communicate with others, how well you achieve good results and relationships at work, and of course, good relationships in private life.”


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