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Unsatisfactory internal communication reduces company performance, reduces employee motivation, leads to poor quality results for the entire company and worsens poor customer relationships. In fact, it also determines the mood in the company. Unfortunately, it is one of the management’s most neglected tasks. Strategically thoughtful internal communication will prevent many other issues that can negatively affect the company’s existence and work environment.

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How are you wrong

Inability to communicate directly. Many employees try to “suggest something” and expect management to understand this type of “communication”. Unfortunately, a lack of or an understanding of an indicator often happens very differently.

To testify with incompetent people. If something is bothering someone and they really want to do something about their problem, then they have to trust someone. Instead of going to someone who can help him, “crying over his shoulder” goes to his soulmate.

Moderators error. The managers cannot know the adequate tasks, they do not verify the results of the work of their subordinates or do not pass on the necessary information in time.

Lack of teamwork. Employees perform their own tasks exclusively without knowing connections to others

How should the connection be made?

Sound expert Dr. says. Lillian Glass.

Good communication is positive, without unnecessary emotions, simple, but with a clear explanation. Communication also includes listening. Don’t try to dominate the conversation.

The purpose of internal communication is to provide a stimulating atmosphere where people have the opportunity to learn, grow and lead the organization to success, to be a customer oriented company.

Intercom Tools

Both the plan and the program are implemented through a variety of means. The most common ones are:

  • Interviews
  • Company meetings,
  • Questionnaire surveys,
  • Satisfaction surveys,
  • Material analysis.


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