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According to statistics from the US Government Agency’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the number of CEOs is expected to increase by about 8% between 2016 and 2026. How to be successful in this position? Experience is required, but also a number of skills and competencies. Assertive, sympathetic, stubborn, positive-minded – these are just some of the qualities that describe a good and successful CEO. They will help him overcome difficulties, create a positive corporate culture, establish strong relationships and understand his employees and customers, and thus build a thriving business.

Being CEO, or if you want a CEO, is a career dream for many ambitious people. Some can access it just by starting their own company, while others pave the way for it through longer or shorter career growth. “It takes an average of 16 years to reach the CEO position on the career ladder, while three-quarters of the CEOs reach this position internally. Hiring a completely new employee for this position is not normal because it involves many risks.” Jiří Jemelka, Director of JIP Enterprises that provides activation and interim management for small and medium-sized enterprises. Education also plays an important role in achieving the CEO position other than starting your own business; An MBA degree is an advantage in this respect, and the vast majority of the most successful corporate executives have an academic degree. Interestingly, a solid body structure can help you on your way to the position – according to one study, the average height of men in the CEO position is around 183 cm.

Of course, reaching that dreaming professional goal is one thing, and celebrating success in it is another. Hence, every CEO should try to acquire and develop certain skills and competencies that will help him succeed in his position. Many of them are closely related to a person’s personality, so it may seem at first glance that they cannot be obtained other than that the person was born with them. Preparations always play a big role, but this does not mean that you cannot awaken skills of this type. So what skills and competencies should you strive for?

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Inner skills

This type of competency is closely related to human nature, but it is the foundation upon which any CEO yearning for success can build. First, there is a need Strategic thinking, Which is crucial for the future direction and development of the entire company, but also for finding solutions to various problems. It also belongs here determination And also passion For what you do. “These are, for example, the drivers of successful leaders. Often the degree of commitment to do something – to be better than the competition, to provide customers with the best service, to develop the safest product, etc. – is the driving force behind the entire business. At the same time, you must do your job with your heart, ” Jerry Gemilka says. Then the fourth of this group of competencies positive thinkingThanks to this, you can easily create an atmosphere of proactive approach in your company that will also help you motivate your employees.

Soft skills

Soft skills include behavioral competencies, sometimes called soft skills. Even of this type, a successful CEO must have four competencies: the capacity to inspire, to listen, the willingness to learn and empathy. “When it comes to the art of inspiration, of course, it’s not just about being able to encourage your employees with an inspiring language, but also to act.” Jiří Jemelka supplies. However, when conveying inspiration, feel free to also be a source of inspiration, which is also related to the other skill mentioned, i.e. the art of listening. But listening is not the same as just hearing. We need to focus on the speaker and speaker, reflect on what we are hearing, and also actively ask questions. The art of listening is also associated with a third competence, which is the desire to learn. A good leader should never get stuck, he must learn and develop. It is also important to approach this development with humility and not hesitate to learn from your subordinates. A successful CEO should be able to treat them as people i.e. with said sympathy. Being able to empathize with your employees, partners, and customers greatly helps you understand their motivations and needs and create strong trust-based bonds.

And one more thing, especially guts

As a CEO, you often face time constraints, so you need to gain another important competency: to be able to. Concentration. This not only means being able to “engage” in a specific activity, but also being able to assess where to focus your focused efforts. Due to the fact that your attention is often diverted while at work – by various phone calls, surprise meetings, and the like – it will be essential to actively decide where to focus your attention and how to manage your time as efficiently as possible. Last but not least, it has to be a successful CEO fearless And the harsh. However, do not enter arrogance with your courage: it is not a good idea to resist discussing problems, but it is necessary to proceed firmly and decisively when solving them. The durability will then help you particularly problem-solving. Don’t be afraid of failures, anticipate them and be ready to face them and have a great mind.


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