Brainstorming is in vogue | Article Leadership Commodity for Managers

Brainstorming. A term that is used frequently … but what is all this? We in the Czech Republic say it is actually a normal discussion in which we think about what and how to improve or solve it. Such a discussion must have certain guidelines or rules to be helpful. And therefore:


  1. Do not limit the discussion to a select few people, with whom you understand or who are bending to you – the ideal number is 6-12 people who have one way or the other related to the topic and can come up with something interesting
  2. An important principle in constructive discussions is listening, not evaluation. Write each suggestion on paper
  3. Only start the evaluation the moment there is no other suggestion – now it is just a matter of evaluation, discuss it from all parties, consider the risks … and …
  4. Make a decision – make clear conclusions, outputs and actions (activities), because otherwise people will come to the conclusion in time that such discussions are actually useless …


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