Bet on people not strategies Article leadership for managers

The business principles that influenced me the most in my 24-year career were that of my father, John “Jack” Brown. I learned from him from an early age how important it was to show respect to employees and treat them with respect. I also learned how important it is to the company.

I saw my dad handle the unions with care and honesty regardless of the problems he was dealing with. He treated people with respect, regardless of the social class they belonged to.


I have had the opportunity to try this approach in my work with great success and personal satisfaction. During these days of doubt and distrust, I have found honesty and respect for employees to be the primary factor in the company’s long-term success.

Companies often value the acumen and knowledge of frontline workers. It is wrong for management to think that it knows all the solutions. I decided to share as much information as possible with employees and communicate with them about problem solving. By bringing together the (knowledge) minds of all employees, we discovered an incredible team power. I thank my dad for conveying a passion for people and a deep respect for the simple fact that people always come first.

Mark A. Brown
Chairman and CEO of Trump Hotels and Resorts


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