Auxiliaries Value Essay – Commodity Leadership for Managers

After retiring from the New York City Police Department in 1985 as one of the most celebrated investigators, I founded a security and investigation company. The success of my business is directly linked to my daily evening outings on the streets, as I was constantly creating a “network”. Although these networks prevented me from being a good father and a good husband, they were the only reason why my work was ultimately successful. Being able to get out and make these important connections has created a thriving community. The helpers of the people you are trying to “grow” are one of the most overlooked parts of the network.


As Chairman and CEO, I understand some valuable facts about assistants. When dealing with company executives, be friendly with their assistants – even if you already know the bosses. If you have a good relationship with assistants, it will give you the meeting space that awaits when managers have a complete calendar. When assistants arrange a meeting, managers rarely change the schedule. Also, when I hired executive assistants, I didn’t receive the people with the highest IQs, but those who were generally supportive. It preferred those who gave 100% of what they received from God over those who had high IQ and who gave 50% of themselves. Having the right posture creates a successful relationship between the boss and the assistant.

Richard “Poe” Dittl
Chairman Bo Dietel & Co.


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