Asking questions is important to article-commodity management

The basis for solving unsolvable problems not only in management is the fact that one does not design oneself in a position of “influence”, but rather, on the contrary, constantly attempts “proactively” to find an answer as to how to do so. The best “friends” of a successful manager start with the following words: Why, how, when, who, where etc.

If you do not know the answer to the question, then this is not a reason to quit, but perseverance in finding answers. This point applies to both problem-solving and “solving” people. If a person does not frequently do their homework, it is best to ask, why is the person still so QuestionsNot fulfilling its obligations? How do I do this to achieve them? In this case, you are in the position of a proactive leader who tries to solve matters effectively and in the long run. In the case of fines, withholding bonuses, and threats, you are in a “leverage” mode that only responds to what someone else does / does not do. It will feel good, but there will be no long-term change in the person. Additionally, the negative outcome will be that the individual will have a grudge against you (who may also like someone who takes their money). Be effective to the fullest. Certainly this person is the person Who is constantly asking!


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