5 toxic work situations and how to deal with them effectively

Are you not doing well at work? Do you feel abdominal pain at the thought of work when you get out of bed in the morning? Do you feel underestimated at work? Are you not working well with your supervisor? Do you not get along with colleagues? If your answers to my questions are in the affirmative, trust me that over time you will literally hate your work and get anxious just thinking you should sit at your desk again. Do not let your life be destroyed by negative energy. You can change it or get rid of all these toxic situations. How do I do it? Continue reading…

1. Your co-workers are overly critical

Do you feel that your colleagues will find any excuse to rate your work negatively? It may be a small thing, but once it builds up, it can make your life very uncomfortable. defend it! If these are colleagues you don’t have to work with directly, don’t tell them any details about your work. If you come across her in a friendly conversation, answer politely: “Thank you very much for your interest. I support my findings.” If it is your close colleagues who form a working group, make it clear to them that their behavior is on the verge of bullying, and if their attitude does not change, you will contact your supervisor.

2. You are bored with your work

Are you staying at a job that is easy but boring at the same time? Day after day, year after year, do you wet your mind and heart with work that doesn’t fill you up? Dual mode will not help you grow and develop. Understand that you have another option. Visit a career counselor and discuss your options. You might be surprised how wide it is. At the same time, you can contact your company’s human resources department to find out what other job offers are available.

Important: Take a look at the job market and find ways to use your existing skills differently. Talk to your teacher (it could easily be your supervisor) and find an answer to the question of what would be interesting and satisfying for you at work.

3. Do not receive feedback on your work

Do you feel that you are not developing in your career and no one is giving you feedback on your performance? Indeed, do you have any idea in what area you should improve and in what, on the contrary, you excel? Your problem is your boss, because he doesn’t seem to look at his employees’ jobs. You have to take responsibility for your life and the development of your career. Don’t be afraid to make an appointment with your boss and ask for feedback on your performance. If you get it, follow his advice.

4. You don’t get along with your boss

Do you hate your boss? Bad leaders, whether they are delinquents or just ordinary unhappy people, rarely change without a life-changing event. Are you ready to wait for it? If not, the dice are on your side. Set an appointment and politely tell your supervisor that you are not satisfied with his or her driving. His motives can be stress, but also problems in the family, about which you can not find out anything. The second possibility could be that your boss isn’t a really good person. In this case, a move to another department is considered.

5. You do not respect your employer

Do you work for a company that has business practices that you don’t respect? Don’t you like managers lying to customers and employees getting promises that are never kept? It is difficult to change the society that makes these practices difficult. Given that the company’s management and founders largely control the company’s culture, this could become a struggle with the windmills. Don’t bother with it and go for a company that is fair to its customers and employees.

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