4 ways to take care of your career growth

Your colleague who you think is as far from working as hard as you, got promoted and not? Did you win the sympathy of your boss? Is your company’s HR manager a fan of it? Or did he take his career from a different perspective than you? Perhaps just taking responsibility for your career development while you wait is the difference in your paths. It makes sense to expect your boss to promote you when you work hard. It is also reasonable to expect the HR department to have an overview of who is now in line when it comes to advancing to a higher position. But if you really want to climb the career ladder, then you have to take the responsibility in your own hands!

1. Don’t be afraid to take a chance

In an ideal world, employees would receive promotions on merit, but unfortunately that doesn’t work out. Managers are often not perfect people, and their decisions are often influenced by many factors. For example, he might think of you: “Jana, you probably don’t want a senior manager position because it takes a lot of travel and has kids at home.” Of course, this assumption may violate the laws of gender discrimination, but this does not mean that this does not happen. So you should not be afraid to speak up. When an opportunity arises that you are interested in, tell your supervisor. Otherwise, you can easily be overtaken by the employee who will respond.

2. Speak before the opportunity arises

Your colleague can easily be promoted to a position you have no idea about. If so, you will surely apply for it. How do you identify such opportunities? Talking sooner rather than later. This doesn’t mean you should bombard your manager with information about how you want to pursue your career, but it’s definitely a good idea from time to time to tell him where you’re going. For example, your annual assessment is perfect for this. Talk about what you want to achieve next year and what your ambitions are.

4. Educate yourself

Find your guide. Someone in your company could easily ask a question like, “What do I need to do to get as far from you?” Listen to his advice and make a list. If this involves receiving special training or passing an exam, start learning. For your supervisor, this will be a clear indication that you want to continue working on yourself and have ambitions to advance in your career growth.

5. Look outside your comfort zone

Never sit or wait for someone else to notice you. Register as a volunteer, and get a place in special projects or cross-functional teams that will open up new possibilities for you. Also, don’t forget to build relationships outside of your company. Always work hard and be nice to your co-workers. If you are interested in moving to another department, feel free to make contacts in it.

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